An Eye Tyrant with a Plan


To come – I just wanted to build a Savage Beholder.

From the Pinnacle Website

The Onlooker (insert little Smiling Jack icon here)
  • Stats: Strength D6 Smarts D12+2 Spirit D8 Vigor D8 Agility D4
  • Skills: Shooting D8 Fighting D8 Guts d8 Intimidation D10 (Note that it is basically always considered to be holding a gun to the target’s head.) Knowledge (at least three different ones) D10 Notice D12+2 (something something eyes in the back of its head something) Persuasion D10 Stealth D6 Taunt D8
  • Size: +1 (large fleshy armored orb) Pace: 4 (levitates. Cannot Run. Climb 2, if it ever matters, and it can use the Telekinesis eye on itself.)
  • Toughness: 10 (3) Parry: 6 Charisma: 0
  • Edges: Improved Level Headed, Arcane Resistance (does NOT affect its own eyes, but does affect the eyes of other Onlookers. It’s an evolutionary advantage!), Dodge, Hard To Kill, Command, Fervor, Hold The Line, Inspire, Strong-willed.
  • Hindrances: Arrogant, Code Of Honour
  • Abilities:
    • Natural Armor: Armor +3
    • Big, Sharp, Nasty Teeth: Strength+D6 damage on a Fighting attack.
    • I Got No Opposable Thumbs, Man: Onlookers have no prehensile limbs, and must rely on their Levitation power to do things that other creatures use hands for.
    • Main eye: each round, the Onlooker defines a 90-degree cone out to 24”. Inside that area, any caster wanting to cas a spell or activate a power must roll Spirit-4 or fail immediately. This cone lasts until the Onlooker’s next action.
    • Eye Beams: The eyes use the Onlooker’s “Shooting” skill, have range modifiers of 12/24/48”, and target a TN of 4 (or Parry, in close combat) like any other ranged attack.
      • Eye #1: Levitation. The target moves (6-Size)” in the direction of the Onlooker’s choice, including “up”. The target can roll Agility-2, with success indicating they’ve slipped the telekinetic grip and they do not move. This can also be used for fine manipulation.
      • Eye #2: Blasting Eye. This is a 3d6-damage beam attack, as per Bolt with no option to increase damage or number of bolts further. The Onlooker chooses its trapping for this at casting time. Raises on the Hit Roll do not increase damage.
      • Eye #3: Slow. Target rolls Spirit-2 or halves their pace and running die results for 6 rounds. Round down any fractions.
      • Eye #4: Charm. The target rolls Smarts-2 or treats the Onlooker as if it had +4 Charisma for the next hour. In combat, target rolls Smarts-2 or is Shaken. And also thinks the Onlooker has +4 Charisma, if that matters.
      • Eye #5: Disintegrate. Target rolls Vigor-2. On success, he takes 2d6 damage. On failure, he takes 4d6. People killed by this ray are dust. This also lets the Onlooker destroy inanimate objects.
    • All Eyes Blazing: In each turn, the Onlooker can fire up to 10 eye rays. It can fire each ray only twice, and any one target can be targeted by only three rays, and the same ray cannot fire twice at the same target. The Onlooker takes no multi-action penalty for using its eyebeams – all eleven eyes, or fraction thereof, are used as one action.
    • Unstable Platform: When the Onlooker uses the Levitation eye to move itself, it is considered to be on an unstable platform for all its other attacks this round.

Oh, and, if you REALLY want to steal a nasty trick from the 4th Ed monster:

Sustained Barrage: The Onlooker gets three cards for initiative, and keeps the top two. It may choose to act on either card (usually the top one) – the second card is a “Barrage” card. It must make this decision immediately on receiving the cards and it cannot change this decision later.

When the Barrage card comes up, the Onlooker may immediately fire two eye blasts. It must use either the Blasting eye or the Levitation eye for each shot, it may use the same eye twice, and it may target the same target or two different targets. It cannot move or take any other actions while acting on a Barrage card. It cannot put the Barrage action On Hold – it is either used immediately, or lost. It can use the Barrage action while On Hold, and doing so does not cause it to stop being On Hold. If the Onlooker is On Hold at the start of the round, it receives one single card for the Barrage action. Finally, the Barrage Action never gains any advantage from a Joker.

This last power adds an extra level of complication that I’m not sure it needs, but, at the same time, it’s a neat trick that the 4th ed designers gave it – the ability to act twice in a round, with the second attack just being an expression of the fact that the Onlooker is capable of putting out incredible magic destruction non-stop. I like it. I’m not sure I’d use it, but I like it.


Xander is looking to gain power in Sharn. He has worked his way up from Khyber and has charmed a few minions. Now, just set his plan in motion…


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