Best Campaigns I've Been in

No particular order

1. Telengram/Richwood Empire. It grew organically out of our growling stomachs, as 3 of us were wrestlers and needed a distraction from eating too much. Who would have thought to game to Keep from eating. Mork, Zork, Boz. They all blend together (it may have been a couple of campaigns).

2. Tabolport/Duncan – this hit was a series, from the original table top, to a netgame, then to a big Ohiogame with Duncan returning (abit temporarily). However, it Jumped the Shark when Aria came back alive and further was converted to a 15th level D&D netgame.

3. Jed’s first campaign – it was a return to 1/week gaming when I came up to Michigan. Met some good people and had a blast with by 1/2 orc barbarian Phoenix. It got a bit weird at the end with planescape stuff. But I attribute some of that to traveling for work during that portion.

4. Bauldar’s Gate series – yes a computer game, but Bioware did such a great job that it was immersive and fun as hell. Captain Jack Sparrow Rules!

5. Ri’wood campaign – Mark turned our hometown into a fantasy setting. The Deceivers were prominant. Raker was my character.

6. Paul’s Patherfinder campaigns. I really liked the Scrimshaw Murders campaign. The current one is pretty good as well.

A couple that are brewing with possibilities

1. Shaintar Gray Ranger campaign – I’m loving the episodic nature and Kmon rules! Update 6/4/2010 – Kmon dies due to CGG incompetence. When will I ever learn. Now I understand how professional athletes feel when they have to play in charity events with n00bs….

2. Dragon Age: Origins. Yes, another computer game. But it has to be one of the most immersive games I have every played. Its dark fantasy, which means decisions have consequences, and rarely are they “clean” choices. Some specifics:

  • Although there are many “gray” decisions, there is also Black and White – killing Darkspawn is the only option (otherwise they will kill you). This does bring some clarity and direction, and keeps you from getting “paralysis by analysis” if very decision was gray. In the case of this story, the “gray” comes from “does the Darkspawn incursion constitute a Blight” – ie, akin to will a small skirmish blossom into world war
  • Everyone (except your PC) is voice acted, and done very well. The graphics align with the voice, so it is not just a voice and a board.
  • The lead-up to the Broodmother is very well done. Excellent horror scripting. Excellent choice of music (it is akin to Full Metal Jacket in the lead-up to Pyle killing the Sgt and himself. The foreshadowing is very well done via a journal that is found (“it may be a breeding ground”) and an insane female dwarf prisoner that recites a obscure references.
  • A nice blend of story driven (unite the races/nations against the blight) and sandbox (in the areas you go to, a nice number of side quests).
  • I like the 3 race 3 class approach. A nice number of options without being overwhelming. The classes have specializations as well (warriors can become Templates, Bezerkers, etc).

An interesting observation: It seems like the campaigns that I have really liked over the years as a player are “new” in the sense of DMs or groups.

Best Campaigns I've Been in

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