Day After Ragnarok

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Savage Shortlist: Top Five Other Places To Fight Dinosaurs

In the wake of the Serpentfall, a lot of pilots have seen a lot of strange things all over the world. Sometimes they land and check it out; somewhat less often, they return to report their findings to general disbelief.

Caprona Lake, Antarctica

The Nazi refuge of Neuschwabenland is not the only warm-water anomaly on the Antarctic coast. An immense submerged volcano heats Caprona Lake to subtropical temperatures behind impenetrable ice cliffs along the Walgreen Coast south of Easter Island. Around the shore of that lake, in a district the size of Ceylon, fog shrouds a thick jungle dotted with open savannas. The Soviets may be planning to colonize Caprona Lake, to counterbalance the Nazi base across the continent.

Hupei Province, China

In the mountainous border between Hupei and Szechwan provinces, botanists have discovered forests full of “dawn redwoods,” trees thought extinct for tens of millions of years. Japanese, Nationalist, Communist, and mercenary forces operate in this remote region—and report sightings of mammoths, saber-tooth tigers, and savage flightless birds. Perhaps some Late Cretaceous dinosaurs survive even deeper in these valleys.

Mato Grosso, Brazil

See Day After Ragnarok, p. 74 for the anomalous volcanoes and strange monsters that make this state the rumored “doorway to Muspellheim.” The Mato Grosso has increasingly become a target not only for prospectors and ranchers, but for Ahnenerbe sorcerers out of Paraguay and Rhodes Scholars looking for more strange biota for their experiments. Fringe archaeologists and adventurers comb the region looking for the Lost Cities of Akakor, Muribeca, and “Z,” and for Colonel Percy Fawcett, who disappeared on much the same quest in 1925.

Nsumbu Forest, Rhodesia

This vast, immensely dense thicket of thorn bushes—approximately the size of Maryland—sits in the middle of an arid, treeless plateau between Lakes Mweru and Tanganyika on Rhodesia’s northern border with the Congo Protectorate. Inside the thorn barrier, a lush valley collects rain and runoff water from the whole area, creating an Edenic garden almost inaccessible to man. And a perfect hideout for an air pirate looking to expand his operations into the Congo.

Roraima Plateau, Venezuela

Straddling the border between newly aggressive Venezuela and vulnerable British Guiana, the Manhattan-sized Roraima Plateau towers into the clouds topping cliffs rising 1,300 feet above the jungle. Lord John Roxton led two expeditions into the area, in 1910 and 1914, disappearing on the second. Since the Serpentfall, Venezuelan Air Force pilots have reported numerous pterodactyl sightings in the region, and Rhodes University geologists are studying a peculiarly corrosive dust given off by caves and tunnels at the base of the plateau.

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