Escape Operation Knightfall

War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku and his evil toadie General Grievous. There are villains on both sides. Evil is everywhere.

Jedi masters find themselves isolated in remote worlds leading the far flung forces of the Republic.

As the Jedi are stretched across the galaxy, the Jedi order desperately tries to train new Jedi Knights to avoid being overwhelmed. We find a group of padawans in a combat simulation against the Separatist Forces….

Scene 1 -Training Gone Wrong

In training. Part real, part holograph. They have a couple of clones in a wild land region and must take a position from the droids. Suddenly troopers show up and start firing (maybe they kill the instructor or extra Jedi)

  • This gives them a round or two to get used to their PC
  • Gives me an outdoor map option
  • I moved away from the “not having the light saber” – for a 4 hour game, you only have 3 scenes – time to get things rolling

Between Scenes – Go to Library, hack system, find out what is going on, find remote/lightly defended dock.

Scene 2 -Escape

  • They get to a hanger/launchpad (map)
  • Pretty easy to get to the ship (lightly guarded). However, Alarm is raised in some way (and the PCs know it)
  • It takes about a minute to prep the ship – systems were on standby
  • Dramatic task
    • Those with Piloting make checks to get the ship ready (those beyond the first are Assisting)
    • Need to think up some complications
    • So why would anyone be outside the ship?
      • As soldiers come in, one turns on the Lock (ship cannot take off)
      • Each round, a squad with a Heavy Blaster Cannon comes in. It takes 1d3 rounds to set up to fire. Its obvious the cannon will take out the ship easily

Scene 3 – Run for your lives!

* Anakin is the environmental hazard

* negative to pilot checks
* Rips open doors to ship so Troopers can jump in
* Jumps in himself on last round if able.

Setting Rules

  • In general, you are assumed not to have your Lightsaber activated
  • Extras Trait dice can Ace, but damage dice do not (In the game I used 3d6 instead of d8s, so I let them Ace)
  • After each Scene, you heal one wound/remove a level of Fatigue and gain a Bennie
    • Dark side -“Just give in to your emotions!”
      • There is an unlimited pile of Bennies available beyond what you normally get as a PC
      • If you use one, it goes into the GM pile
      • Must make a Spirit -2* (1+darkside points). Failure gains a Darkside point.
      • 3 Darkside points = fun for the GM
      • If get 2 Raise on the Spirit check (12 total), you erase a Darkside point (the first opportunity is you already have one – so your roll is already at -4)

Force Powers and other Stuff

  • I used Super Powers Companion – all are 0XP (but still pretty powerful. Light saber is “Laser Sword” right out of the SWD
  • Troopers are basically D8 guys with Power Armor and Future Weapons right out of SWD
  • Force Jump: Keep in mind this is handy for Agility Tricks and to get better position. Most scenes will have areas of multiple levels where jumping up and or down can provide an advantage. Be sure to ask
  • Force Throw: One can either force throw an object (cinematically ripping down a vent or piece of heavy equipment) or you can throw your Lightsaber. If you hit with your Lightsaber, you have the option of doing the extra d6 damage or having the LS return to you immediately that round. If you hit with an object, its assumed to have AP 5 and hits in a Small Burst Tempslate
  • Force Healing: Works as Healing Spell. Training in the power also grants the Healer Edge (+2 to the roll)
  • Force Armor: A nature talent to dampen damage either by weakening energy or slightly diverting a physical blow
  • Force Stomp: By focusing you force through your body, you create a rend that can knock people prone and damage the ground

Escape Operation Knightfall

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