Some thoughts after playing through Halo 4

  • Setting Rules
    • SFC is the base tech level
    • Gritty (no Soaking Wounds). Rationale – the “soaking” is going to come through the combat armor. A Spartan without their armor is a duck out of water. This combined with the Battle Armor should result in bennies flying for actions.
    • Common Bond – Spartans – their unique training and engineer has them standing apart from normal folk. There is a nature corp-de-espirit among them. Rationale – Given the 3 normal bennies and the Combat Armor having a soak system of its own, I would not envision giving out many bennies during a session.
    • Men Among Boys – Spartans 3 wounds and wild die for all their actions represents their enhanced generic engineering and training. Most humans are either extras or Henchmen (usually a wild die for their expertise). WC humans (and enemies) are very rare.
    • Shooting at flying creatures is -2. Rationale – generally does not matter for Spartans (Sensor suite) but it does make someone shooting at them harder
    • No Mercy – This setting is about killing stuff :)
    • Low Ammo
      • Ammo goes fast and furious. Drawing a club means your run completely out of ammo for that weapon this round. Spade requires a reload next round (multiaction penalty). Note that some enemy weapons are more powerful but cannot reload – so drawing a black card means you are out of ammo for that weapon. Enemies never run out of ammo, of course! Note Initiative Edges do help! Whatever card is acted on determines the ammo effect.
      • Quickdraw – Spartans have a special weapon harness and are trained to quickly switch between two established weapons (designated before the fight). Switching to a 3rd or scrounging is standard multiaction penalty.
      • Lucky Weapon – draw a Joker, luck has it that there is a weapon on the ground the you can scrounge/there is a weapon cache right there (normal penalties apply) vs. having to run to a body to get a new weapon.

Ammo/Quickdraw/Lucky Weapon mimics the having to scrounge the battlefield for weapons (this creates movement) and that its always quicker to switch weapons than reload.

  • Combat Armor
    • Actual armor rating is rather low – it should calibrate to the weapons (ie AP~=Armor rating). Might even flip the notation. So armor rating will only be relevant on primative worlds
    • Each Battle Suit has the following Features
      • Environmentally Sealed
      • AI (removeable) – it has a personality and a visual representation
      • Combat Reflexes – built in medical technology keeps the Spartan in the fight
      • Sensor – Sensor suit provides targeting assistance and Danger Sense (the sense picks up movement and puts it on the scope)
      • Armor Bennies (Spartan would be 3 (maybe 2, need to test), enemies 1 or 2)
  • Armor Bennies
    • Roughly based on Wiggy’s shields in Daring Tales of the Space Lanes
    • Basic use – they Soak wounds. Need to decide if this is based on Vigor or the Armor has its own die. Am thinking Vigor just to keep emphasis on Toughness/Vigor relationship. Random is to have a separate die based on the Rank of the user.
    • They regenerate one/round of no action and no damage. So if under heavy fire, hunkering down under cover regenerates shields. PCs can reload and regenerate shields, however. (Rationale- mimics the mechanics in the game – and since you cannot soak wounds with regular bennies, busting through shields gets painful)
    • No Elan for Armor Bennies. Maybe make a separate Edge.
    • Armor Abilities (these are modules added to the armor – 1 slot – free action to activate and costs one Armor Bennie, 1 round cooldown after use)
      • Energy Shield – Adds +4 Armor for 3 rounds – Trapping – A shield of energy protects from one direction (player sets one per round)
      • Stealth Module – Invisible (-4 to detect) for 3 rounds or until attack
      • Speed – Run is a free action, running die can Ace for 3 rounds
      • Boost/Fly – Short range flight – 3 rounds – Trapping is Jetpack
      • Enhanced Sensor – For 3 rounds, know where everyone is on the map regardless of cover, around walls, etc
      • Hologram – Deflection – person is not where the shooter thinks they are
      • Sentry – Bolt for three rounds. d8 WC attack. Toughness 8 (8 damage destroys it). 3 rounds, can decide each if 1 enhanced or 3 regular.

Overall, there should be lots of enemies on the table. They will predominately be Extras, but many of their weapons are stronger (with a shorter battlefield life). Enemies mix hanging back and swarming. There should be lots of weapons about plus the Lucky Weapon setting rule.


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