Houserules and Clarifications

These are my standard rules in a campaign. I also use this page to collect considerations for additions.

  • Snake Eyes for Wildcards – You cannot spend a Bennie to reroll. You do, however, get a Bennie for your bad luck — cuz your going to need it! Exceptions
    • GM is not subject to this rule, but can only spend the Wildcards Bennies to reroll
    • Waived in the case of instant death from the Incapacitation table. The goal is to make things more interesting, not kill the PC
  • Trappings – examples and application to skills
  • Suppressive Fire – Can do RAW (and it only impacts those under the template on your action) or you can do a Full Round Version:

If you do not move, you can place the template(s) on the table and they remain in force until your next turn (or until you are shaken/incapacitated, if earlier). Anyone that enters has to roll a Spirit check as per Suppressive Fire. Also, those originally under the template must roll Spirit again if they take an Action. This costs ROFx10 in ammo (and should be strictly enforced). For many weapons, this results in “emptying the clip” that round, so they must have a full clip/enough ammo to do this maneuver.

Also, if get a Raise on the shooting roll, the Spirit is at -2

Under consideration, but not in place at this time

  • Stunts in Savage Worlds – from the Dragon Age beta
  • The Taunt Skill alternative use. Especially in Fantasy based games, sometimes you want all the Nasties to attack Tank and the Squishies. Taunt can be used for this purpose. If used on the leader outside of combat can result in him ordering his minions to attack the taunting PC. In combat, it can be used to pull Extras off another target in exchange for the +2 to next action against the target. Wildcards are a case by case basis.

Houserules and Clarifications

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