Recommended Ruleset: DLR

From Gunsmoke Episode Jesse:

Old friend from the Trail. Drives Cattle – works for a powerful Cattle Driver. He is the cook and the glue that keeps the crew together. Only one problem – he is wanted by the law (killed a man about a year back and escaped from prison). Marshall tracks him down while the PCs are there. If captured, the drivers come to rescue their friend. Marshall is accidentally shot an the PCs come on them. Marshall is alive and insists on going to the next town – knows there will be trouble.

Next town, the sheriff does not want any trouble and stands aside. Marshall eventually dies. Will the PCs break the law and turn him over?

Plot Twist – cowardly Inn owner where they are holed up gets Jesse a gun to escape when there is an opportunity. He then guns him down when he flees—for the $100 reward.

Works best if one of the PCs is a lawman.


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