Knightfall Design Diary

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Where the idea came from:

I was IM’ing Amanda (who played in the game) to give her the date of the OG. In a quick exchange, she suggested Star Wars. The idea just popped into my head. What may have influenced it was some of the Michigan gang committing to the game. I mentioned maybe a “Temple of Elemental Evil reunion” and that may have sparked the idea to run something in the Jedi Temple. Who knows :)

Character Development

I took a quick look at some other Star Wars conversions. One person had used Necessary Evil as a basis (this was probably pre-Supers Companion). Given they were all going to be Jedi, I looked at the SC and decided that would be perfect. From there, I just tried to give everyone something interesting and made sure everyone had Deflection of 4 (at least) to make them hard to hit by blaster fire.

The thing that made it brain dead easy was HeroLab had just released the Supers Companion expansion. I still had to redo the sheets to the powers were “Star Wars” in name and flavor, but HL had a nice stat block extract that I just put into word and then cleaned up.

Dark Side

I wanted some actual Temptation. Generally, I give out a lot of Bennies and enjoy when they trickle in. This time, I gave a free pool of Dark Side Bennies and tried to give out very few actual ones.

Jon Syth was supposed to be very susceptible to the Dark Side. However, originally Axe Windu was the character that I gave the Susceptible to the Dark Side Hindrance. Just before I finalized, I did not think he would be a prime choice by anyone – all his force abilities were baked into the numbers and he was a one trick pony combat-wise.

So I switched the hindrance to Syth. The problem was the invisibility was supposed to be a moral thing for him – he was a stickler to the Jedi code. In other words, he had a great power that he was reluctant to use because it was not “fair”. But swapping out the Vow: Jedi Code (major) for Dark Side eliminated that connection. Their is not an inherent “Dark Side” to being invisible, but what occurred was you never really need to use a Bennie (which the Dark Side hindrance basically made you check if you had to pull from the DS bennies). If I ever run the scenario again, I need to rework his powers.

And I was right – no one ran Axe Windu in either game.

Comments on Scenes

Scene 1

This one game together rather quickly. I wanted something to allow the Players to get used to their PCs, show they were n00bs, and be interesting. I had in mind an opening “chase scene” – the group was up in some tower when the attack starts and an explosion brings the tower down (race to the bottom). But when we settled on the 2 game format, I scrapped it. I looked over the maps I had and read up on the Temple and shaped everything up.

Scene 2 and 3

It took awhile to settle on this. The big “issue” was how to get the players to think of an “escape” and how to bring Anakin into this in a meaningful way. Once the idea of Anakin as an “environmental hazard” occurred to me, it all came together quickly. They had to get to the ship, prep the ship, and flee for their lives. That translated to “easy fight”, “tougher fight/Dramatic Task”, “Chase Scene”

On the Dramatic task – I did the laser pods two ways – the first group the ships weapons were only available after the dramatic task. Given where the Troopers were setting up the guns, this pulled the PCs far down the hall. It was then a couple of rounds before they could get back to the ship even with the ship providing Suppressive Fight (winged that). The other group had access to the weapons right off and the basically “piffted” the E-Web guns right off. If I run it again, I will either do it the first way but have the guns set up closer (use the side hallways) or only have the weapons available after a couple of successes in the Dramatic Task.

Anakin’s impact depended on the PCs. The first group had Minara as the pilot – she was built for this scene. So when he came into play on round 3, then he exerted his will against the ship and created a tougher roll. I did not enforce that against the second group (players left, the Jawa (Mark) was in the drivers seat). The first group’s played out better as Anakin got a good draw so he could “rip open the door” and have troopers poor into the ship (it gave the other PCs something to do). That did not work out so nice in the second group.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought Savage Worlds really did a nice job conveying the Force. I was playing a bit of Force Unleashed (Xbox) to get in the Star Wars mood and the key stuff you could do I could envision Savage Worlds (via the Supers Companion) handling nicely. I do not know how well it would work trying to build a Jedi/non-Jedi mixed group, but I did not need to worry about that for this game. But that really is the fundamental probably with playing in Star Wars no matter the system – Jedi are superheros, not mere mortals. So you either have to juice the “mere mortals” or water down the Jedi.

Knightfall Design Diary

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