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A “modern” Eberron has been in my thoughts from time to time as well. I view Eberron’s current “magic/tech” level to be somewhere in the post WWI era. Rail is still king, but technology from the war is more accessible to the everyday “man.” So moving forward 100 years puts them pretty much on par with us. There likely was one other war to “finish” the Last War (no one is really satisfied at the end of the first). But it was likely bloody and short (and hopefully the Emerald Claw was destroyed – I got tired of VERY module trying to use them as the bad guys).

So Sivis might run the Eberron equivalent of the Internet (SivNet!). I like the idea of tech rivaling magic – so the oil in the “liberated” countries is a great idea to give them economic punch. Flight would be common and faster- so now it is cheaper to get on a Lyrander Skyship, but conditions are crowded and no free meals unless first class. Of course, someone rammed one into a tower in Sharn and everyone has to suffer innane security measures at the SkyPort.

Orien (they have ships, right?) runs the equivalent of Carnaval cruises to Xen’Drik. Big, hulking pleasure ships will all the conviences.

Just grab snapshots of Coruscant for Sharn.

Travel to the Moons are just now becoming available for rich people.

Modern Eberron

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