Savage Reviews

What this is

Greetings – here is where I look a various game material and opine upon it. This can be both Savage Worlds material (my go to system) or other system works that I am looking to Savage (be it world source books or adventures).

If its a non-SW source, I’ll comment on how I might Savage certain aspects. If its really broken but Salvageable, I’ll pound on that too.

What this is not

In general, I am not pounding all that hard on the Crunch. For Savage Worlds materials, the game plays in a reasonable range and most stuff does not make or break the game one way or the other. If I am looking at a non-SW source book, then I am not going to opine on the crunch other than if there is too much Crunch and not enough Fluff.

I am not paid nor even give materials to review, so I do not give a shit about what other people think. Enjoy it or ignore it, I do not care.

So, lets look at some material:

Savage Reviews

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