From a poster on ENWorld, a pretty good Plot Point campaign for Serenity. There is a betrayal in there, which may not work in most campaigns.


Episode 1×01: “Jailbait” – The Captain, Breeze and Logan are hired by Aiden to steal an experimental “stealth” ship before it fell into the hands of the Alliance.

Episode 1×02: “Billy” – the crew of the Jailbait run into an escape pod containing a charming murderer, “Billy”, of Doc’s Gang. After nearly getting themselves killed, they hand him over to the authorities.

Episode 1×03: “Halfbreed” – responding to a plea for help by Ed Grant, an ex-Alliance ship captain, the crew fight off a gang of faux-Reavers. Ed Grant joins the crew, along with Miss Roux, a young lady off to see the world, and Jet, a young boy.

Episode 1×04: “Derelict” – the ship malfunctions when it picks up a distress call from an Alliance scout. Aboard the derelict, they discover it was attacked by a top-hatted figure to rescue the prisoner it was taking to a prison world. The prisoner? Billy!

Episode 1×05: “The Man for the Job” – Arriving at Ezra, Aidan sets up a complicated scheme to ship goods from one side of the planet to the other, allowing Mr Richardson – a wealthy merchant – to bypass the rogues of Niska; along the way, he tries to play both Niska and Mr Richardson against each other to various success. The Captain rescues a Browncoat, and accepts a drinking invitation.

Episode 1×06: “The Price of Honour” – The Captain accepts a drinking invitation, but is confronted by someone from his past with memories he’d like to forget and revelations that are explosive. His treachery during the war becomes apparent, as does why he became a drunkard.

Episode 1×07: “Running on Empty” – With fuel low, instead of going to either Mr Richardson or Niska for more fuel, the crew (well, Logan and the Captain) cook up a mad plan to raid a naval base for fuel. With Jet’s computer hacking skills, they disguise themselves as a salvage ship and get the fuel… and a sealed order mission! Then they get discovered and blow up part of the base as they escape.

Episode 1×08: “Haven – part one” – The sealed order mission is to find a secret base lost during the war. Once that is done, the group find it’s an astonishing place: a hollowed-out asteroid with its own miniature sun and one insane survivor.

Episode 1×09: “Haven – part two” – The crew fix the oxygen supply on the asteroid; Grant leaves with the survivor for a hospital (asylum), and they manage to not destroy the base as it has a close encounter. They also pick some apples.

Episode 1×10: “The Missing Inventor” – Memphis Black, the inventor of the stealth ship “Jailbait” has been captured by the Alliance, but his transport has been diverted to Ezra by Niska. The crew follow him there, to find that Mr Richardson has relieved Niska of him. The crew go to a ball (shindig) to meet Mr Richardson…

Episode 1×11: “The People You Know” – Miss Roux and Aidan bargain with Mr Richardson for Memphis Black, whilst the rest of the crew launch on a raid against Mr Richardson’s estate for Memphis Black. Unfortunately, they get caught in the middle of an attack by Niska’s men… and captured!

Episode 1×12: “Hell” – Aidan and Miss Roux have to free Memphis Black and their friends from Niska’s skyplex, with the help of the mysteriously uncaptured Breeze. Meanwhile, Niska tortures the Captain, Logan and Jet for his pleasure. Eventually, they escape with help from Jet’s cat, and sail back to the asteroid base. A couple of days later, a mysterious ship docks with the base… it opens to reveal Billy and Doc’s Gang… and Breeze is revealed to be a traitor.

Episode 1×13: “Endgame”- Doc’s gang are in the service of Niska, and they want both the Jailbait and the asteroid. The Captain doesn’t give them that, despite negotiation, and is incapacited in a grenade explosion. Miss Roux is ready to deal – as long as she “gets” Breeze – and Logan has mad his very own suit of power armour with equipped machinegun! The final stand-off sees Logan killing Breeze, Billy almost killing Logan, only to be stopped by the Captain returning. Doc, the sole survivor of his gang, surrenders… and Ed Grant arrives to tie things up (along with a crew of Alliance troops). He takes possession of the base, but lets the Captain go with the Jailbait with a warning: “Don’t le me see you again!”


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