Ideas on weaving magic into the skills/effects

  • Doing an Agility trick? – that’s a spray of sparks from the end of his fingers that the enemy will hopefully duck to avoid.
  • Smarts Trick – Creating Phantom noises, or an illusion to confuse the foe.
  • Intimidate – Do you take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks!!
  • Tracking – Aha, my spell has caused the tracks of our quarry to glow – they’ll be easy to follow now!
  • Notice – Reach out with your feelings Luke …
  • Persuasion – These are not the droids you’re looking for …
  • Gambling – more for cheating here, but using Telekinietic powers to affect the dice and so on.
  • Stealth – a cloaking veil for the caster alone.

These are not individual power, but just providing magical trappings to your skill-set/actions. Apply them to Edges as well (Attractive may be a glamer).

Gluttony Trapping

Interesting, but I need to think about this one.

Shadow Trapping

“Your shadow is an extention of your soul.”

As powerpoints get lower, the caster’s shadow shorten or fades.

  • Bolt/Blast – impacts targets shadow
  • Puppet – target’s shadow acts as a puppetmaster, strings and all
  • Barrier – either damage like Bolt/Blast or blindess check
  • Armor/Deflect – caster becomes shadowy and mergers with their shadow
  • Teleport – jump from Shadow to Shadow
  • Summon – shadow versions, of course
  • Shape Shift – change form, but shadow is always your natural form

Psionic Trapping

  • Bolt – “I can kill you with a thought” – massive headache. On death, blood oozes out of eyes, ears, and nose.
  • Blast – a powerful wave of mental energy that distorts the cone in front of the mentalist. On death, their heads literally explode
  • Puppet – Truly inside their head – no outward trapping
  • Armor/Deflect – telekinetic forces deflect blows or absorb hits
  • Boost/Lower Trait – Whisper into the mind of your target – raising or frustrating their abilities. For self, reach deep to tap into your inner power
  • Invisibility – reach out and cloud the mind of men


  • Stealth – (Straight from the old Shadow radio show) – he has the ability to cloud men’s minds so they cannot easily see him. This will eventually manifest into Invisibility when he takes the spell. With the skill, he still needs cover/concealment. The spell allows him to walk in a middle of a sunny courtyard without anyone seeing him.
  • Notice – Aside from normal sight/hearing, he picks up psychic images that leads him to look in certain places – a feeling or emotional disruption. He does not notice the guy lurking in the shadows via movement or hears the soft breathing, he senses their intense emotional state (hunting or scared).
  • Fighting/Shooting – He has the ability to subtlety get the target to let his guard down or move to where he can strike. On defense, he just is not quite where the enemy though he was. This becomes a full manifestation with the Deflection spell (it gives a good explanation of why is Parry is decent but his Toughness sucks)
  • Perswaysion is a weak version of Puppet – (“these are not the driods you are looking for”)
  • Intimidate – Vision narrows, gets bigger, darker, more menacing (think Gandalf and Bilbo in the Fellowship)
  • Taunt – has the ability to pick up on the thing that will just piss the target off.
  • Streetwise – this is the one we need to keep an eye on. I see this as him projecting his consciousness out and picking up images, snippets of words, etc. The big constraint is he either needs to be in the room or needs to be familiar with area. He must NOT be under stress (ie, not projecting through a door in a dungeon). I want it to mimic him going to a bar and talking but not be a Scry type spell.


Generally, skill and Edges are tide to a specific spirit that the player and GM should “flesh out” (heh, pun). For example, advances in Fighting are due to the Great Warrior Kabesh, Knowledge Battle is from General Kobiashi. Notice/Alertness might be a spiritual dog. Streetwise is communing with willing local spirits. The PC should spent as much or more time “talking to himself” than anyone else (ie, Matrice).

Arcane Background (Psionics) could be reskinned. The Backlash fits nicely to rebelling/malevolent spirits. What the spells to is Compel spirits. Bolt might be pulling the spirit out of a person (really creepy if you kill them). Blast/Burst might be unleashing local spirits to rend at people. Puppet is pretty obvious. Deflection might be a split second heads up to duck or move. Etc.



  • Bolt – Screaming skulls smash into target
  • Barrier – A wall of bones erupts from the floor
  • Deflect – An unseen spirit turns the blow aside
  • Fear -


Arcane Background: Loyal Servant

Arcane Skill: Loyalty (Spirit)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 4
This is an unusual arcane background in that it doesn’t actually provide supernatural powers. Your “powers” aren’t really powers at all in the normal sense. Rather, you have a very dedicated, hyper-vigilant servant who carries out certain tasks for you with seemingly supernatural efficiency. Your loyal-to-the-death servant is always on hand to bat away incoming attacks, leap in front of you to protect you, or attack those who’d be so crass as to target you.

The servant doesn’t really have (or need) stats of his own; he is merely the trapping of your powers. You can roleplay him as a minor character, however, and have him perform mundane tasks that any normal person would be capable of carrying out; despite being “only a trapping” he is still your servant. There are limits as to what the servant can do, however. He can’t perform any action that would require a Trait roll. He can help you get dressed, or fetch your tea, or prepare supper, but he can’t make his own Notice or Fighting roll. For that, you’ll have to use one of your powers to represent the servant’s actions. For example, he can’t make a Notice check of his own, but you can use Boost Trait to boost your own Notice check or that of one of your allies — the increase in the Notice die type reflects his assistance on the Notice roll.

If the servant is attacked directly, he has a Parry and a Toughness equal to your Spirit die. Like an Extra he is Incapacitated after taking a single Wound, but cannot be killed—he somehow manages to survive in even the most unlikely of circumstances. He immediately awakens at full health at the end of a battle in which he is Incapacitated, and can be restored to full health in combat with a single Healing roll.

I’ve Failed You!: As faithful and efficient as your servant is, there are times when even his efforts come up short. When a Loyal Servant’s master rolls a 1 on his Loyalty die (regardless of his Wild Die), his servant has failed him. The servant, distraught, lapses into self-loathing and melancholy, inconsolable in his grief for having failed his master; the master can use none of his powers until his servant is cheered up again. The master must succeed on a Persuasion check at -2 in order to assure his servant of his continued employment in order to use his powers again. If the Loyalty roll was a Critical Failure, the Persuasion check is made at -4.

Suggested Trappings
Armor: The servant leaps in front of his master, bravely taking the injury instead.
Beast Friend: The servant risks life and limb to tame the wild beast.
Bolt: The servant makes ranged attacks at the master’s enemies.
Boost/Lower Trait: The servant helps lift a heavy weight (Strength), pulls you out of the way of danger (Agility), or helps figure out a riddle (Smarts), and so on.
Deflection: The servant bats away incoming attacks, or runs interference in order to make you harder to hit.
Entangle: The servant grapples your opponent.
Speak Language: The servant is a polyglot, able to communicate in almost any language.
Speed: The servant picks you up and carries you at great speed across the battlefield.

by SavageGamerGirl on the PEG boards.


  • Bolt (biting ants)
  • Summon Ally (Novice: giant rat with veteran Solder Stats, Experienced: Giant spider with Ogre Stats)
  • Heal (Maggots)
  • Light (Firefly)
  • Jet (flesh eating worms)

Bio: Vernox is a wiry little man 5 feet tall with a potbelly covered in tattoos of Vermin. He is always dressed in filthy brown robes and has long messy gray/black hair.

The tattoos are of vermin mainly insects and small rodents etc. Each tattoo represents one of his available powers. When a spell is cast the tattoo leaps off his body and performs it’s effect then loiters around as a mundane non acting member of it’s species or the body of such creature. To regain the power a vermin priest must eat the live creature or remains and the tattoo reforms on his skin. Any lost vermin that came from his Tattoo will reappear after a day with rest if not eaten.

by VonDon on PEG


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