Zombie Nation


This originally was the ending of my Ravenloft game. Strahd’s madness led him to want to destroy both King Kaius and the people who supported him. Basically, like Hitler at the end of WWII, his mania led him to believe that the people were not worthy to live.

So, Strahd grabbed a few peasants, infected them with the Zombie Plague, then teleported them to towns and cities to spread the plague. This is the story of one such town…


The game runs in two phases – recruitment and battle royale. Split the players up evenly and let it roll. The GM is either a neutral arbitrator or is used to even the sides out, with him being a passive bystander during planning (ie, he is there just to keep the numbers even and roll dice, not to make key decisions).


Ah, the fun part. Zombies and Villagers must “recruit” people to their side. The Zombies recruit by attacking citizens. The Villagers try to find combatants to help out. The mechanic is the same – roll a d6 for each current member. A Success recruits one more to the team, a Raise recruits two. Each Player starts with one team member and rolls for 6 “recruiting attempts”. Regardless, each player gets a minimum of 10. Once recruiting is finished, the team can decide if they want to even out the numbers or each keep their own recruits.

For the villages, the recruits are split into those that fight “up close and personal” and those that attack at range.

Battle Royale

The side with the least number of recruits gets to pick the battleground and set up first. The GM should have several areas available. Closed areas (say an apartment building) favor the zombies since range weapons will not be much help. Large open areas may be useful to the villagers as there is more open space for range attacks.

The attackers then place their tokens in areas designated by the GM. The battle is on! There are no bennies, and all trait checks are d6. Each player group can designate a leader to help with Shaken, and the leader can change from round to round.

If a villager is killed, they must roll a Vigor check at the end of the round or rise up the next round under control of the killing player. If another villager spends their action that round, then can prevent this from happening (curb stomp, shot in head, etc).

The winner, obviously, is the last “man” standing.

Zombie Nation

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