My Eps7-9

At the time of this writing, Star Wars Eps 7 has started filming. So I wanted to lay out what my story would be (about half serious, half in fun).

Eps 7

  • Opens with some form of family reunion with Luke, Leia, Han and their children.
  • Cuts off to on Solo child off doing something adventurous instead of hanging with the family. Discussions back at the party of Solo having talent but is strongheaded and does not want to follow in Uncle Lukes footsteps.
  • Boom! a massacre. A mysterious Force sensitive attacker (with followers) kills everyone in a fierce battle. A last stand for our old heroes. The mysterious figure says “give my regards to your father” to Luke and Leia
  • Chase scene where some of the followers hunt down Solo, but Solo escapes. Returns to scene, devastated. Flees.
  • Eventually Force Ghost Luke makes contact, gives the basics on using the Force.
  • The Dark Side chases down Solo, big climatic battle/chase, Solo escapes.
  • Cut to a scene in which the Dark Side is reveal – an aged and horribly scarred Ahsoka Tano, Anakin’s old padawan.


  • Focus on Ahsoka – has a few adventures with Anakin, then Order 66, her struggle to find Anakin, then the betrayal of finding out Anakin is now Sith.
  • She battles him and loses badly. Someone rescues her, but the medical facility she is in is destroyed. She is in hibernetic sleep. A Sith presence feels her pain/hate filled dreams.
  • Ends with her awaking and staying one word with menace – “Skywalker”


  • The story has an interesting evolution. Ahsoka learns of Luke, how he redeem his father, and good he stood for – everything that Anakin failed.
  • Solo grows more angry and vengeful, ignoring the training of Luke and even Obi Wan
  • Final battle – Ahsoka is redeemed, gives up after a fight. Solo cuts down.
  • Fade to black – Solo will be the Sith in the next trilogy.

My Eps7-9

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