R2D2 is a Sith Lord

I contend that R2 is really a Sith Lord. Lets just think about it for a second:

  1. In every movie, every key scene
  2. Can destroy Battle driods with ease
  3. Hated Yoda
  4. Eps IV – At Mos Eislie Cantina, suddenly the barkeep shouts “We do not serve their kind here!” in reference to the droids. Why? That is never referenced again in any other situation in any other episode. So 3PO and R2 GO BACK OUTSIDE ALONE where the Empire is looking for them. Suddenly, the Empire shows up while the driods hide nearby in a locked area. I am sure Vader would not be concerned about bashing open doors. Who sent the Stormtroopers to the Cantina just at that moment? Why did they decide NOT to search the locked area? What would R2 have to gain? Possibly killing Kenobi and separating him from Luke.
  5. Was riding with Luke, but got hit on the Death Star run. Otherwise, he have prevented the Death Star from being destroyed. How else to you explain the misses of the other ships with computer aided targeting (force projection)?
  6. In order to work on corrupting Luke, he destroyed the Red R2 unit so he could be bought instead
  7. Went off searching for Obi Wan – clearly would have assassinated him if Luke had not caught up (Plus, he used the Force to get Luke to take off the restraining bolt). Plus, why didn’t Obi Wan recognize him (dark side suppressing his memory).
  8. The Falcon only hit light speed when HE wanted it to.
  9. Hated Ewoks
  10. Made sure the Princess could escape the Death Star so they could track them to the Rebel base (how else to you explain “that was too easy, they let us get away, they are tracking us” and then they go straight to the rebel base – Jedi mind trick!)
  11. He always always close to both Anakin and Luke, “completing” their training (you know it was R2 that was projecting the bad dreams/visions to both of them).
  12. You know he poisoned Yoda before they left Dagoba (sp) – Yoda was fine when they left, dying when they came back
  13. Who do you think summoned the Emporer when Anakin was cut to pieces and burned by Obi Wan?
  14. He knew about Luke and Leia. He retrieved the plans from the princess, attached himself to Luke (master plan was to get the plans, corrupt Luke, and kill Obi Wan). It was R2 that convinced the Rebellion to attack with small ships, figuring the massive number of tie fighters would crush the stub fighters (if false, why did the Rebellion use their capital ships in Eps 6?). He just did not count getting hit himself.
  15. Who was directing Vader to Obi Wan to kill him in Eps 4?
  16. R2 maneuvered Anakin and Padme to get married. At the beginning of the Eps 2, Padme really wants nothing to do with Anakin “in that way.” So explain how she falls in love after all that bad dialog? R2 was with them…
  17. Just who were the Assassion Probes communicating with on Hoth? The Fleet, or R2? Who sent the image of the generator to the Fleet?
  18. He has the same Dark Side Evil Lighting™ as the Emporer
  19. He never had his memory wiped.

There are probably more examples, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

Looks like I am not the only one who believes this:

I am Jeff Vader

" ":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVXru0-QrJw

R2D2 is a Sith Lord

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