Savage Civilization

The goal is to tie the Mass Combat System, the Roleplaying one, and Dramatic Tasks together in a Civilization – like game. This could be a full blown “campaign” or just how to give the players a piece of turf they have to run as an endgame reward.


This part is pretty straight forward. This would be probably one level up from Civilization – this would focus on taking key strategic points, fortresses, and cities.

  • I envision having an army (that being a loose term depending on the scale of play) that has a rating from 1-5 based on experience. This is a bonus to the Battle Roll (now that it officially is a resisted check via the SWD – equal armies will offset)
  • While there might be PCs involved, these would be Special Units that can be interjected into the battle. They have only 2 Bennies (although Edges can modify). They can be actual combat units (elite forces) or monsters, or huge giant robots, etc.
  • Consider a bonus on what forces survive based on how elite the troops are.
  • Need to fold in the Siege and Espionage from the FC

Resource Management

I am considering two levels – one is a longer-term game where you are given an area to build up – so resources would have to go to expanding your town, your economy, etc. The other level is “war economy” where you are the military leader of an area and really only have control over resources for war (what units to build, train, and supply).

War Economy
  • Produce units
    • Land
    • Sea
    • Air
    • Special Unit (cost more, longer to make)
  • Upgrade Units
  • Upgrade Defenses

During a battle, the above does not have any impact in the fight. The above factors into a war – producing units and getting them to the front.


This will not be like real Civ game – no major advancements in technology. But this would allow a PC that was awarded a large area of land to build it up and expand it. Sort of a Kingmaker (to steal a Paizo reference) / Keep on the Borderlands approach. The player would have to decide the Guns/Butter allocation and would be threatened by whatever might come out of the wilderness.

  • This is where the hard work is – how much land supports the nation. I wonder if there is a simple summary from the old Civ games
  • As an offshoot, might think about this from an urban perspective – could we adapt this to Ptolus (our expansion of the Balcazar territory)

Savage Civilization

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